Three Rules to Making Money in Real Estate

Source: American Consequences
by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

“When it comes to real estate, no matter what you’re looking at, there are only three things you need to understand. And no, they aren’t ‘Location, location, location!’ Once you understand these three simple principles, you can apply them to any real estate investment … from homes to raw land to apartments. It always works. My first rule is simple: don’t pay too much. This may seem obvious, so obvious that you’re wondering why I bother bringing it up at all. But believe me, overpaying is a trap that’s easy (and I mean EASY) to fall into. The problem is emotion. Folks get emotional about their stock investments, after all. And real estate is much more tangible. You see it with your eyes and touch it with your hands. Emotions can run wild, and trick you into making bad decisions.” (09/14/21)