Nord Stream 2: First section of pipeline is complete, Putin says

Source: Deutsche Welle [Germany]

“Addressing a world business forum in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday announced the completion of work on the first line of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea between Russia and Germany. ‘Today … the pipe-laying work of the first Nord Stream 2 line was successfully finished. Work on the second line is ongoing,’ Putin said, noting that Russia was now ready to begin filling the line with gas. … The $12 billion (€9.9 billion) Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline is the longest sub-sea gas pipeline in the world and looks likely to double Russian gas exports to Germany, the EU’s largest economy. The second line of the project is scheduled to be completed within two months, at which point Putin said Gazprom would begin shipping gas as soon as Berlin gave it permission to do so.” (06/04/21)