Experiential Heterogeneity

Source: EconLog
by Kevin Corcoran

“The difficulty of quitting smoking is well-known enough to be a cultural meme, and after being such a heavy smoker for so many years, I knew I was in for a rough transition. Except, what I ‘knew’ turned out to not be true. I had no real difficulty in quitting – it was actually pretty easy for me. What should I take from this? Here are two possibilities: 1. Quitting smoking actually isn’t all that difficult. Every smoker out there who has complained about the struggle of quitting is just being a big baby. 2. Quitting smoking is in fact really difficult, but I happen to possess such a Herculean level of willpower that I can easily accomplish things that are simply too difficult for the plebes. While both of these interpretations provide an opportunity for me to grandstand in superiority, I don’t think they are true.” (07/10/24)