Time’s Up: Biden Won’t Withdraw, He Can’t Be Removed, and His Re-election Appears Sunk

Source: RedState
by Joe Cunningham

“The problem for the Democrats is that, when it comes to seeking another candidate, time is up. The ideal time was during the primary, when they could have found an acceptable challenger to the president, or encouraged Kamala Harris to run as his successor while persuading him to secure his legacy by being a one-and-done president. That time has long since passed, and now that the primaries are over and Biden has a ton of delegates and millions of Democratic voters under his belt, they can’t pull a fast one and replace him. The party fighting the so-called ‘threat to democracy’ can’t go in and undermine the democratic process now. … Biden is the only person who can remove Biden at this point. And even if he were to do so, there are a myriad of problems with that decision.” (07/10/24)