For Non-binary Arkansans, No ID, No Entry Into Public Life

Source: Liberal Currents
by Alan Elrod

“The Arkansas Supreme Court recently reinstated a ban on using a nonbinary gender designation on state ID cards. A lower court had previously blocked a rule barring the use of ‘X’ as an option for gender, but now the ban is back in effect. Opponents have attacked the rule as ‘erasing’ trans and nonbinary people. They are right in my opinion. Excluding those who don’t hew to binary Male/Female identities from state identification is a declaration that the state doesn’t not [sic] consider them to exist. … This an old tactic in hard right attacks on minority groups. Bureaucracy can be a potent tool for in-grouping and out-grouping, all the more effective because of the facelessness with which it tends to operate. But the bureaucratic organs of the state are how it most often comes to us: through the DMV, property taxes, gaming and fishing licenses, and parks.” (07/10/24)