Party over country: Democrats stick with Biden, knowing he is unfit to serve

Source: The Hill
by Derek Hunter

“A week ago, it looked as though President Biden might actually get bumped from the Democratic Party’s ticket. His embarrassing debate performance, which really just confirmed what we all knew about his acuity, turned many liberals against him. But now Biden appears to have calmed the swarm. It looks like his presidency and his candidacy are going to survive. Is it because Biden has proven himself to be mentally fit since then? Nope. Rather, Democrats have simply come to the realization that they have no better option. And so a man so diminished that he shouldn’t be doing the job of president will simply continue to be their candidate to do the job through 2028. How is this, you ask? Because their priority is holding onto power, not the best interest of their country.” [editor’s note: In other words, just like the GOP – TLK] (07/10/24)