Overpopulation: An Ancient Myth Refuted

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Aidan Grogan

“A YouGov poll found that overpopulation concerns are widespread among adults across the planet, with nearly half of sampled Americans believing that the world’s population is too high. This view is shared by 76 percent of Hungarians and 69 percent of Indians, according to the poll. … The theory of overpopulation, and the collectivist idea that human reproduction must be limited, even by force, is nothing new. It first appeared in the ancient Mesopotamian Atrahasis epic, where the gods control the human population by infertility, infanticide, and appointing a priest class to limit childbirth. Plato and Aristotle both endorsed a form of proto-eugenics and population control. … It is certainly time to lay to rest Malthusian theory and the overpopulation hysteria it has aroused.” (07/10/24)