Give Robert Hur his reputation back

Source: Washington Post
by Charles Lane

“[O]n NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ [US Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA)] urged the president to consult about his political future not just with family but ‘people with some distance and objectivity.’ Wise words — but a change in tone from the Schiff who, at a March 12 congressional hearing, condemned a witness as a disingenuous partisan for suggesting Biden might have age-related memory trouble. … The witness was Robert K. Hur, the special counsel whom Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed to investigate Biden’s retention of classified documents after leaving the vice presidency in 2017. … As Hur put it in a report to Garland, he believed — after interviews in which Biden rambled and struggled to recall facts and events — that jurors would have reasonable doubt regarding the criminal intent of ‘a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.'” (07/10/24)