Biden’s frailty has exposed the cravenness of the media

Source: spiked
by Jenny Holland

“After the debate debacle last month, when the US president struggled to string a sentence together, the lackeys in the mainstream media suddenly remembered that their main purpose is to ask some questions of those in power. It’s as if they’ve spent the past eight years trapped in a fever dream of fear and loathing over Donald Trump, and are only now waking up to the frightening reality of a non-functioning president in the White House. Let’s remember that America’s octogenarian president has been, for at least the past year, wandering off stages and slurring his words, falling up stairs and staring into space. ‘Edited videos! False claims! Cheap fakes!,’ the bobbleheaded dolls of the American media elite all chanted in unison in Biden’s defence. The media’s willingness to shield the president has been staggering.” (07/10/24)