Bennet fears “landslide” if Biden remains in presidential race

Source: CBC News [Canadian state media]

“The mood on Capitol Hill is grimly uncertain for Democrats, who are wrestling over U.S. President Joe Biden’s re-election prospects and the extraordinary question before them: whether to stand behind his candidacy or push the president to bow out amid concerns over his ability to lead them to victory. … One Senator was remarkably forthright in a CNN interview on Tuesday night. ‘I have not seen anything remotely approaching the kind of plan we need to see out of the White House that can demonstrate that he can actually beat Donald Trump,’ said Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who ran for the presidential nomination in 2020. ‘Donald Trump is on track to win this election, and maybe win it by a landslide,’ said Bennet, who took pains to express admiration for Biden preventing a second Trump term in 2020, as well as his legislative accomplishments the past three years as president.” (07/10/24)