The Return of the Military Draft

Source: Foreign Policy
by Raphael S Cohen

“After decades of becoming increasingly rare, the military draft is back in the debate. Israel — which has long had mandatory conscription — is currently debating whether or not to lengthen its service for reservists … and it may soon expand the draft to the currently exempted ultra-Orthodox population following an Israeli Supreme Court ruling voiding the exemption last month. In May, Ukraine expanded its draft in order to replenish its forces as it continues to fight off the Russian invasion. Russia has similarly broadened its compulsory military service in response to mounting casualties in Ukraine. In the Baltic states, Latvia reintroduced the draft in 2023 … Lithuania reintroduced it in 2015 … Estonia never abolished it. And halfway across the world, Taiwan recently lengthened its conscription period …. Even countries not directly on the front line are talking about reinstituting a draft or expanding an existing one.” (07/10/24)