Trump’s “national conservative” allies plot a revenge administration

Source: Semafor
by David Weigel

“Democrats are trying to shove the media’s klieg lights off of Biden and onto Trump’s conservative movement. Their bet: Voters are deeply worried about the president’s age, but not ready to hand America over to the sort of right-wing populism that’s advanced in Europe and dominated the Biden-era GOP. But Republicans haven’t been in such a strong position, this close to the election, in a very long time. At this point in Trump’s two prior campaigns, he trailed Hillary Clinton and Biden in public polls. Not since 2000, when Al Gore was facing a reinvigorated GOP and losing votes on his left to Ralph Nader, has a GOP nominee led in polls after the Fourth of July holiday. Conservatives see a generational chance at victory here, and Trump’s public squeamishness about some of their ideas doesn’t bother them.” (07/09/24)