Our nearly $1 trillion military budget won’t make us safer

Source: Orange County Register
by Lindsay Koshgarian

“Our military spending is now the highest it’s been at any point since World War II — and Congress keeps adding more. The House of Representatives just passed legislation that will take military spending to $895 billion, while the Senate Armed Services Committee passed a bill that would total $923 billion. Those totals don’t even include the military aid to Ukraine and Israel that was included in the $95 billion war package Congress passed this spring. We’re teetering closer and closer to a $1 trillion military budget. Adjusting for inflation, the last time the national security budget topped $1 trillion was in 1945, the final year of World War II. … So what’s all this spending for? It’s to keep the U.S. military machine running as it has since World War II, with the more or less explicit goal of global military domination.” (07/09/24)