Securities Regulations Shackle US Cryptocurrency Industry

Source: Reason
by Andrea O’Sullivan

“Cryptocurrency is far from unregulated. In the United States, it is often overregulated. This is a big enough problem when the rules are too numerous or onerous. But to make matters worse, the rules can also be vague. And as a cherry on top, regulating agencies may be slow or even refuse to clear things up. Who wants to deal with this kind of headache? Not cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, those mobile millionaires whose businesses are global by design. Many of them pack up their packets and move to more hospitable climes. It is for this reason that Americans have become accustomed to the screens informing them that ‘this service is not available in your country.’ While this doesn’t stop dedicated Americans with bitcoins burning a hole in their wallets, it does put up walls for less savvy Yankees that may be more in need of financial opportunity.” (09/14/21)