Media conspiracy of collusion over Biden’s health a national disgrace

Source: New York Post
by Piers Morgan

“‘Of all the horrid, hideous notes of woe,’ wrote my favorite English poet, Lord Byron, ‘Sadder than owl-songs or the midnight blast; Is that portentous phrase, “I told you so.”‘ Or, to put those words in modern-day American vernacular: Nobody likes a smart-ass Monday morning quarterback. But sometimes, the words ‘I told you so’ need to be said to expose those who saw all the same horrid, hideous signs of woe — and failed to speak up. The US mainstream media are currently gorging on President Biden’s cognitive decline like ravenous hyenas on the freshly slain carcass of a decrepit old buffalo. In fact, since his train-wreck debate debacle, the nation’s predominantly liberal-skewed, Democrat-defending journalists have competed with each other as to who can sound the most faux shocked, horrified, appalled, and furrowed-brow-uncomprehending about the physical and mental state of their president.” (07/09/24)