Spain: Court shelves Puigdemont terrorism probe

Source: Politico

“Spain’s Supreme Court dropped a terrorism investigation into former Catalan President and separatist leader Carles Puigdemont on Tuesday. Puigdemont had been the subject of a probe since February over his alleged ties to a Catalan pro-independence civil disobedience group, Democratic Tsunami, which led a series of demonstrations in 2019. Supreme Court magistrate Susana Polo shelved the case on Tuesday after Spain’s National Court determined that investigating judge Manuel Garcia-Castellon had improperly extended his investigation into the group in June 2021. … The end of the terrorism probe does not, however, affect a 2017 arrest warrant for embezzlement that was issued against Puigdemont, who fled to Belgium following a failed Catalan independence referendum that same year. Last week the Supreme Court rejected a request to apply the country’s new amnesty law to Puigdemont and other Catalan independence leaders.” (07/09/24)