Afghanistan: Taliban leaders in bust-up at presidential palace, sources say

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“A major row broke out between leaders of the Taliban just days after they set up a new government in Afghanistan, senior Taliban officials told the BBC. Supporters of two rival factions reportedly brawled at the presidential palace in the capital Kabul. … The dispute came to light after a Taliban co-founder, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, disappeared from view for several days. … One Taliban source told BBC Pashto that Mr Baradar and Khalil ur-Rahman Haqqani — the minister for refugees and a prominent figure within the militant Haqqani network — had exchanged strong words, as their followers brawled with each other nearby. … There was speculation on social media that [Baradar] might have died. The Taliban sources told the BBC that Mr Baradar had left Kabul and travelled to the city of Kandahar following the row.” (09/15/21)