The Problem With Coronating Kamala Harris

Source: The Atlantic
by Jerusalem Demsas

“President Joe Biden is insisting that his reelection campaign will go on. If it doesn’t, Kamala Harris is the most likely alternate Democratic nominee. That the vice president should be next in line is nearly an article of faith for many in the party. … But an automatic coronation of Harris would be a grave mistake. The No. 2 spot has never been a guarantee of a promotion to the top job. Only six vice presidents have been elevated to the presidency via an election; 12 have run and lost. Five have even failed to get their party’s endorsement. … Primary campaigns are tests, and Harris, who ultimately dropped out before the Iowa caucus, failed hers. That doesn’t mean she can never be president. Many unsuccessful presidential candidates have performed better in a subsequent campaign. But they had to beat out other candidates.” (07/09/24)