Return of the technocrats

Source: spiked
by Lauren Smith

“Rejoice, came the cries of the ‘sensible’ British commentariat, for the ‘adults’ are finally back in the room. Labour leader Keir Starmer’s ascendancy to 10 Downing Street has been met with some truly unbearable takes about the return of ‘decent,’ ‘grown-up’ – by which they seem to mean technocratic – politics. Gone are the days of the Tories’ populist-adjacent rhetoric and alleged rabble-rousing. This government will usher in a new age of wonderful, ‘expert’-led governance, we’re told. Starmer has certainly tried to create this impression with some of his appointments. Indeed, some of his ministers are not even elected members of parliament. He has had to stick them in the House of Lords so that they can serve in his government.” (07/09/24)