The NYT and the Low-Wage Worker

Source: CounterPunch
by Dean Baker

“Low-wage workers have seen large real wage gains since the pandemic, so naturally as we come to the July 4th holiday the New York Times gives us a piece telling us how they are hurting. The piece is headlined, ‘America’s divided summer economy is coming to an airport or hotel near you.’ If there is any ambiguity here the subhead tells us, ‘The gulf between higher- and low-income consumers has been widening for years, but it is expected to show up clearly in this travel season.’ It’s striking that we see a widening gulf with real wages rising far more rapidly at the bottom than the top. Real wages for workers in the bottom decile have risen 12.1 percent in the last four years. For workers in the second quintile, they have risen by 5.0 percent.” (07/09/24)