Machado: A Beacon of Hope in Venezuela’s Political Crisis

Source: Independent Institute
by Alvaro Vargas Llosa

“Politicians who talk about ‘rendezvous with history’ make me cringe. Still, it is hard to argue that the presidential elections that will take place in Venezuela on July 28 are anything but that. The opposition (or, more accurately, the resistance movement) is currently at its strongest. It is united behind one of Latin America’s most formidable leaders, Maria Corina Machado, a woman of classical liberal persuasion who enjoys approximately 70 percent popular support. Conversely, the tyrant governing the country and his entire administration have never been weaker. They have weakened to the extent that even Nicolas Maduro’s allies in Latin America, such as Brazil’s Lula da Silva and Colombia’s Gustavo Petro (in many respects a Chavista himself), have distanced themselves from Caracas’[s] attempts to rig the election weeks before the vote in various ways. These efforts have included barring Machado’s right to run for office.” (07/08/24)