Democrats don’t give a damn about you

Source: Washington Times
by Don Feder

“With the walking dead at the head of their ticket and the party facing annihilation in November, Democrats are desperate to convince you that they really, really care about you. In reality, they care as much about ordinary Americans as President Biden cared about those who died at Abbey Gate when their coffins came back to Dover Air Force Base, and he couldn’t resist checking his watch. Unless you’re a member of the elite, Democrats don’t give a damn about you. The Democrats’ indifference starts at our borders. The president doubled the number of illegal [sic] immigrants in the United States …. Mr. Biden canceled every one of his predecessor’s executive orders that limited the flow of illegals [sic], including the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. He stopped construction of the border wall and turned the Border Patrol into the equivalent of greeters at Las Vegas casinos.” (07/07/24)