The Good That Jimmy Carter Did

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Lawrence W Reed

“Jimmy Carter never figured among my favorite presidents. I did not vote for him in either 1976 or 1980. I rarely found myself in agreement with him on policy matters. But as he approaches his 100th birthday in October, I find myself wanting to think the best of him. The very fact that he went to Washington but came back to Plains, Georgia, speaks strongly in his favor. He never allowed himself to be captured by the Beltway elite. The simple but sturdy life of small-town America appealed to him more than the pomp, power, and pretense of national politics. Carter was not a great president, and he evidenced considerable naivete on some important issues, but he was not a bad or venal man. Never personally tainted by self-dealing scandal, he resisted temptations to cash in on his election to the country’s highest office.” (07/08/24)