Iranian warships appear to begin first Atlantic crossing; US regime pretends its opinion matters

Source: Politico

“Two Iranian Navy ships rounded the Cape of Good Hope for the first time and appear to be headed across the Atlantic, continuing a journey U.S. officials believe could ultimately end in Venezuela, according to a defense official with direct knowledge. Tehran has threatened [sic] to send warships to the Western Hemisphere before but has aborted previous attempts. … Biden officials signaled this week that the administration is concerned the ships could be carrying weapons bound for Caracas and warned that the United States would act to deter such a delivery. Satellite imagery of the ship from early May provided by Maxar Technologies shows seven fast-attack boats aboard its deck. Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby noted that Venezuela purchased weapons from Iran over one year ago and warned that a new delivery ‘would be a provocative act and a threat to our partners in this hemisphere.'” (06/04/21)