Fifty Years Ago Today, I Argued “U.S. v. Nixon.” The Supreme Court’s New Ruling on Presidential Immunity Appalled Me.

Source: The Bulwark
by Philip Allen Lacovara

“The issue in United States v. Richard Nixon was whether the president and his closest aides had conspired to obstruct justice in the Watergate break-in coverup. Just sixteen days later, the Court concluded that, while Nixon could claim a limited privilege for some confidential communications, that privilege could be overcome by the overarching public interest in prosecuting federal crimes. … Nixon was ordered to produce the evidence, which showed his own complicity, as the grand jury had alleged in naming him an ‘unindicted co-conspirator.’ He resigned two weeks later, still the only president to have done so. Dramatically different in tone and content was last week’s decision in Donald Trump v. United States fabricating immunity for Trump from criminal liability to the people he and other presidents are sworn to serve.” (07/08/24)