Macron rejects PM’s resignation, as France seeks a way out of political “fog” of chaotic election

Source: South China Morning Post [Hong Kong]

“French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday asked his prime minister to stay in the role for now, pending what will be difficult negotiations to form a new government after a surprise left-wing surge in elections that delivered a hung parliament. The leftist New Popular Front (NFP) emerged as the dominant force in the National Assembly after Sunday’s election, thwarting Marine Le Pen’s quest to bring the far-right to power. However, with no single group securing a working majority, the outcome heralded a period of political volatility just before the Paris Olympics and raised uncertainty among investors about who would run the euro zone’s second-largest economy. … Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, a centrist and close ally of Macron, tendered his resignation, but the head of state rejected it.” (07/08/24)