Green: Biden “could decide within days” whether to remain in POTUS race

Source: SFGate

“President Joe Biden could make a decision within days whether to remain a candidate for reelection, said Hawaii’s governor who participated in a recent meeting with Biden and other Democratic governors and whose family has known the president for years. And if Biden decides not to run, Hawaii Gov. Josh Green told The Associated Press on Saturday that he believes the president will designate Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him on the ticket. ‘I think the president stays in this race unless he feels that it is not winnable, or he feels that he has to hear other voices in his inner circle that he shouldn’t run,’ Green said. ‘If the president felt that he wasn’t up to it and truly not up to it, he would step down. We’ll probably know in the next couple of days how the president feels about all this.'” (07/07/24)