Judge pauses deadlines in disgraced former president’s classified documents case after SCOTUS rules disgraced former president is SPECIAL

Source: National Public Radio [US state media]

“The federal judge overseeing the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump has paused a few deadlines after Trump’s legal team requested a review of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity. On Friday, Trump’s legal team presented a filing to the court that said this week’s ruling from the nation’s high court means he has blanket immunity from prosecution for his ‘official acts.’ As part of an effort to have the case dismissed, attorneys for the former president asked Judge Aileen Cannon to rule whether or not the conduct involved was official. Trump’s legal team had also asked to argue the immunity issue before Cannon between now and early September, which would have effectively delayed all aspects of the case for at least two months.” (07/06/24)