Fiction or fact: The world of the 21st century

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“For many years, the Darien Gap, a dense jungle in the eastern end of the Republic of Panama, has featured, often prominently, in novels and movies. It was an impenetrable barrier to movement from Panama to the rest of South America. … Attempts to ‘bridge’ the gap were defeated by a combination of terrain, weather, and environist pressure. Today there are not even plans to construct a road or railroad. Despite the high demand for travel through the place. There are no highways or roads through its deadly mountains: only trails, if that. … hundreds of thousands of migrants trudge across this inhospitable land, seeking wealth (and perhaps peace) in Del Norte: the North, the United States. … No record of how many dead litter the trails. They probably number thousands.” (07/06/24)