What did White House reporters know and when did they know it?

Source: Fox News
by Alex Berenson

“What did reporters who cover the White House know, and when did they know it? As President Biden lurches toward a withdrawal from the 2024 election that seems likelier by the hour, the question of the media’s role in hiding his mental decline is taking center stage. The greatest loser from Biden’s catastrophic meltdown during his debate last week with Donald Trump is not Biden himself. Somewhere deep inside, Biden may actually be relieved that he may soon be free of the obligation to perform (or pretend to perform) the world’s most important job. No, the greatest loser is the media, specifically elite news organizations like The New York Times that have teams of reporters covering the White House. These teams either entirely missed Biden’s sharp cognitive decline — or, worse, actively covered it up.” (07/05/24)