After Biden’s ABC Interview, It’s Time to Pull the Emergency Cord

Source: Common Dreams
by Norman Solomon & Jeff Cohen

“When Joe Biden’s ABC News interview aired on Friday night, it made clear that he should not be running for reelection. Rather than reduce the concerns sparked by his abysmal debate performance eight days earlier, the interview underscored that the president is in denial about his current political standing and unable to offer reassurance that his mental capacities are unimpaired. Notably, Biden kept dodging and refusing to reply in the affirmative when journalist George Stephanopoulos asked whether he has had ‘a full neurological and cognitive evaluation’ and if he ‘would be willing to have the independent medical evaluation.’ While insisting that his behavior during the debate was ‘no indication of any serious condition,’ Biden evaded key questions while resorting to snippets of stump speeches emphasizing purported foreign policy ‘successes.'” (07/06/24)