Keir Starmer Is Very Serious About the Status Quo

Source: In These Times
by Sarah Jaffe

“Prepare for Keir Starmer to be the new hero of the sensible center. As Democrats in the United States abandon Joe Biden like rats from the proverbial sinking ship and Emmanuel Macron spectacularly self-immolates over in France, Sir Keir’s wide margin on the Fourth of July in Britain is bucking the trend, claiming victory for the middle of the road. Labour won in what one commentator called a ‘loveless landslide’, winning at least 412 seats (a few are left to be counted) with a vote share possibly lower than it achieved in 2017 under Jeremy Corbyn, and just 1.4 points higher than 2019, which was counted a disaster for the party. It is the largest party in England, Scotland and Wales, but it lost votes and seats to its left. Voter turnout, perhaps the best indication of enthusiasm, was the lowest in a British election since 1886.” (07/05/24)