Book Review: Modi — A Political Biography

Source: Astral Codex Ten
by Scott Alexander

“I have a friend who studied the history of fascism. She gets angry when people call Trump (or some other villain du jour) fascist. ‘Words have meanings! Fascism isn’t just any right-winger you dislike!’ Maybe she takes this a little too far; by a strict definition, she’s not even sure Franco qualifies. Anyway, I mention this because she says Narendra Modi, the current prime minister of India, is absolutely, literally, a fascist. … So I thought I’d make Modi the next entry in the ACX Dictator Book Club (previously: Erdogan). The Internet recommended Andy Marino’s Modi: A Political Biography, and it seemed the least overtly hagiographical of the options Amazon gave me …. Alas, M:APB is absolutely a hagiography. … I am still going to summarize and review this book, but I recommend thinking of it as Modi’s autobiography, ghost-written by Andy Marino.” (09/14/21)