The Supreme Court is protecting the president from you. It should be the other way around.

Source: The Bulwark
by Jonathan V Last

“America is in an ongoing constitutional crisis. We are less than four years removed from our first [sic] attempted coup. The man most likely to be our next president is a convicted felon. If this man loses the election, he has already promised chaos. If he wins, he has said he would like to be a dictator. And last week the Supreme Court ruled that presidents are, for all intents and purposes, immune from criminal prosecution. … The conservative majority focused on protecting the president. They thought that the overriding concern in all scenarios is that the president must be allowed the latitude to act as he sees fit without worrying about his future. In this view, the most powerful person on the planet is merely a potential victim who must be shielded and insulated from possible harms. Which is insane.” (07/05/24)