A Better Way To Pick a President

Source: RealClearPolitics
by Nick Troiano

“The problem with the way we pick our president is not that 20th-century election reforms gave voters a direct influence in candidate selection, but that these reforms did not go far enough to truly reflect the will of the people. The combination of closed partisan primaries, which produce unrepresentative candidates, and plurality general elections, which thwart alternatives to both major parties, conspire to give voters only two viable choices that they often do not like. The good news is that these structural problems are fixable. … we can make 2024 the last presidential election that, by design, produces two choices a majority of Americans do not want. A realistic prescription for a more representative presidential election process includes ditching party caucuses, allowing all voters to participate in party primaries, using instant runoffs, and awarding Electoral College votes on a proportional basis.” (07/05/24)