The End of the Voting Methods Debate

Source: Reason
by Roy Minet

“Plurality is killing us. It is a cause of the increasing polarization that is rending the fabric of our society. It has forced voters to elect presidents that the majority of the voters themselves oppose. People are sick of having to vote for the ‘lesser evil.’ A new voting method, AADV (Approve/Approve/Disapprove Voting), was proposed in 2020. Each voter has the option to approve of either one or two of the candidates, and also has the option to disapprove of one candidate. Each candidate’s approvals and disapprovals are separately summed. Disapprovals are then subtracted from approvals to obtain the net approvals for each candidate. The candidate with the most (positive) net approvals is declared the winner. If no candidate achieves positive net approvals, NOTA (None Of The Above) has won. If NOTA should win, all candidates are disqualified and a new election must be held with new candidates.” (07/05/24)