Murthy’s Maddening Modesty

Source: Law & Liberty
by David B. McGarry

“The long-awaited Supreme Court case concerning social media culminated not with a bang but with a whimper. Murthy v. Missouri ruled on the Biden Administration’s efforts to shape social media platforms’ content-moderation policies. But the Court ruled not on the case’s merits but on standing. Writing for a 6–3 majority, Justice Amy Coney Barrett reasoned that the plaintiffs — two states and several individuals — failed to establish the likelihood of future injury required to sue for a forward-looking injunction. Nonetheless, Murthy’s sound and fury signifies a great deal. The case’s protracted saga, and even the Supreme Court’s sidestep, reveals much about both the proper workings of America’s constitutional cosmos and the derangements that today afflict it.” (07/05/24)