Norway: Center-left gains after vote; climate is key issue

Source: WTVO 17 News

“The center-left bloc in Norway appears to have won Monday’s general election, according to the first official projection, which shows the ruling Conservatives would lose power after a campaign dominated by climate change and the future of the country’s oil and gas exploration industry. With a projection based on a preliminary count of nearly 52% of the vote, the Labor Party and its two allies — the Socialist Left and the euroskeptic Center Party — appear to have won power. The left-leaning side in the Norwegian parliament would get a total of 101 seats while the current government would get 67 of the Stortinget assembly’s 169 seats, according to the Norwegian election commission. A majority is at 85 seats. As Norway’s largest party, Labor would try to form a coalition government. The Scandinavian country is not member of the European Union.” (09/13/21)