The Politics of Cooties, Again

Source: The Dispatch
by Kevin D Williamson

“The politics of cooties is what makes compromise and consensus-building impossible in Washington: the notion that an idea, or a piece of legislation, or even a figure of speech becomes infected when it is taken up by the other side, by … them. That was the case made against that self-abasing dope from California who used to be speaker of the House by that beady-eyed dope from Florida who led the effort to oust him: that he relied on Democratic support to get certain things done. That’s the case the beady-eyed dope from Georgia is trying to make against a gutless dope from Louisiana currently serving as speaker of the House: You can’t use Democrats’ votes to pass a bill — those votes have cooties! Getting members of the other party to support one’s own priorities in Congress once was a sign that you were what the old-timers used to call ‘good at politics.'” (07/03/24)