The 25th Amendment is the wrong way to deal with Biden’s decline

Source: Washington Post
by Megan McArdle

“Anyone who’s dealt with an aging parent knows that Biden’s acuity is headed in one direction, possibly precipitously. So the world can’t afford any of the rationalizations now floating around — that his staff runs things anyway or, at worst, that if he deteriorates too much, the Cabinet can always invoke the 25th Amendment and replace him with Vice President Harris. Leadership cannot rest in a committee; one person has to set strategy, resolve disputes among advisers and make critical, possibly split-second decisions. Nor … can the Cabinet simply invoke the 25th and sub in Harris whenever Biden becomes too diminished to do his job. … Section 4 makes it easy for the president to reclaim his powers, which makes it ill-suited for sidelining a president who becomes impaired, but not entirely disabled.” (07/03/24)