It’s a very strange time to be Bernie Sanders

Source: Semafor
by David Weigel

The president’s shaky debate performance has terrified Democrats. Some wondered how he could bounce back from an off night. Others argued that he had already started to. Some started to talk about replacing him on the ticket. … Sanders, who shepherded some of Biden’s most popular healthcare policies through the Senate, had made the case that Biden’s domestic record was strong. in Eau Claire, he politely brushed off a Gaza ceasefire activist who asked him to rescind his endorsement. Our Revolution, the organizing group founded by Sanders after his 2016 campaign, conducted a quick member poll after the debate and found two-thirds of them demanding a new nominee. Left-leaning groups created to pressure the president on Gaza were now calling on him to quit. … Sanders, who is just over a year older than Biden, was not joining the panic parade around the president’s viability.” (07/02/24)