A Note From The Publisher

Hey, everyone …

Tomorrow is a holiday (“Independence Day”) in the US, so we’ll be taking the day off.

Holidays that fall on Thursdays tend to create situations where we’re light on content … not just for Friday, but over the weekend for the Monday edition as well. It’s a combination of likely “slow news days” AND the think tanks, media centers, podcasts etc. that we curate opinion and audio/vide from tending to just take four-day weekends themselves.

Which does NOT mean there won’t be content at RRND/FND. But which DOES mean it makes sense to just go “web-only, no email,” post what we happen to see, and let you visit the web site should you happen to crave something to read over the weekend. We’ll be back with the regular email/social media editions on Monday. Until then, feel free to drop by:


And while you’re there, remember we’re a “reader-supported publication”:


Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
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