Fake online therapist tricked hundreds of patients

Source: BBC News [UK State Media]

“Authorities in Florida and Tennessee have accused a social worker of helping her wife impersonate her in online therapy sessions for nearly two years. Peggy Randolph, who was licensed to provide therapy in both states through the platform Brightside Health, is said to have knowingly defrauded hundreds of patients. Ms Randolph has denied the accusation, saying she did not know her wife, Tammy Heath-Randolph, who was not licensed or trained, had treated clients under her account. The ruse was uncovered after Ms Heath-Randolph died in February 2023. At that time, Brightside Health received a complaint from a client who had discovered through social media that Ms Randolph’s wife was the one treating them, according to documents from the Tennessee Department of Health. While Ms Randolph denied knowing that her wife was treating patients on her behalf, authorities said the wife was getting paid for sessions she conducted.” (07/02/24)