SCOTUS immunity ruling is what the body was designed for — unpopular but constitutionally correct

Source: New York Post
by Jonathan Turley

“Within minutes of the Supreme Court’s decision on presidential immunity, liberal [sic] politicians and pundits seemed to move from hyperbole to hyperventilation. When not breathing into paper bags, critics predicted, again, the end of the republic. CNN’s Van Jones declared that it was ‘almost a license to thug, in a way.’ Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) declared: ‘My stomach turns with fear and anger that our democracy can be so endangered by an out-of-control court’ …. The comment captures the misguided analysis of many media outlets. The Supreme Court was designed to be unpopular; to take stands that are politically unpopular but constitutionally correct.” [editor’s note: My copy of the Constitution seems to be missing the part where anyone who has ever been president receives lifetime immunity for crimes committed in office – TLK] (07/01/24)