The Bidens: Selfish, mean grifters to the end

Source: Fox News Forum
by Laura Ingraham

“The Biden family is ‘privately trashing’ senior campaign staff as they blame-shift after President Biden’s horrific debate performance. According to Politico, everything from Biden’s inability to ‘pivot more to go on the attack’ to being ‘bogged down too much on defending his record’ to being ‘over-worked and not well-rested’ was the fault of senior aides. One of them, Ron Klain took a leave from his job at AirBnB when the Bidens asked for his help to prepare for the debate. Blaming Biden’s staff — and these are long-time aides — for the president’s disastrous performance in Atlanta is despicable. If anyone is to blame beyond the candidate himself, it is Biden’s own family.” (07/02/24)