In Biden Dropout Scenario, Campaign Finance Laws Give Harris Big Boost

Source: The American Prospect
by David Dayen

“There does not at this moment seem to be any movement from the Biden campaign, the Biden family, or Joe Biden himself toward exiting the 2024 presidential race after last week’s disastrous debate. On the contrary, the campaign has its back up and is devising operatic strategies to get back in contention, dismissing the debate as a ‘bad night’, using surrogates to silence dissenters, and soldiering on. They were so proud of Biden’s Friday speech in North Carolina that they made a one-minute ad about it. Biden resents the elite opinion-makers calling for his ouster, and relishes the opportunity to show that they underestimated him again. My sense in talking with people in a position to know is that it would take much more than what has already happened in public to get Biden to drop out.” (07/02/24)