On Losing “the Greatest Teacher of Nonviolence in America”

Source: In These Times
by Kent Wong

“I had the privilege of teaching a course at UCLA on ​’Nonviolence and Social Movements’ with Rev. James Lawson, Jr. for more than 20 years. The course analyzed contemporary social movements that embrace the philosophy of nonviolence, and encouraged students to apply nonviolence in their own lives. Thousands of students over those two decades have been motivated by the course to pursue paths of peace and justice. Rev. Lawson drew energy from teaching. He enjoyed engaging our students, challenging them, inspiring them to use their talents to be a force for change. He took a genuine interest in their hopes, aspirations and dreams. The students who benefited most from the class were those who tried to practice the philosophy of nonviolence in their own work and in their own lives.” (07/02/24)