When History Doesn’t End

Source: Garrison Center
by Joel Schlosberg

“‘Trump Is Pat Buchanan With Better Timing’ feels like a current headline eight years after it ran in Politico. Is America trapped in a rerun of the Republican Revolution of ’94, with the platforms of ‘presidential candidates Buchanan, David Duke and Ross Perot — the most visible figures of the political fringe’ perpetually mainstreamed? The New York Times Book Review’s Jennifer Szalai is convinced (‘Ticking Time Bomb,’ June 30). Or in one of the ’80s, ‘When Greed Was Good’ — Jacob Goldstein’s headline on the facing page of the Book Review. Goldstein writes that the cultural catchet of financial flummery made ‘the United States suddenly fall in love with finance while inequality skyrocketed,’ suggesting Billy Joel-style verses about the likes of ‘Milton Friedman’s ‘Free to Choose,’ Jane Fonda, running shoes.'” (07/02/24)