Democrats Have More to Fear Than Fear Itself

Source: The Dispatch
by Chris Stirewalt

“In 1944, Democrats nominated and Americans elected a president who was very nearly dead. It was the weakest electoral showing of Franklin Roosevelt’s four runs — just 53 percent of the popular vote. That was about the same as Barack Obama in 2008, which is high by our current conception but not on par with FDR’s priors, particularly his 61 percent in 1936. … Biden and his admirers may see a lot of FDR in him. They may even imagine his situation in 2024 to be like the ailing Roosevelt’s last campaign 80 years ago. It is a dangerous way of thinking. Aside from the many differences between the two men, the state of the world, the media, and the nature of politics, there is this: Roosevelt may have been almost sure to die in his next term, but he was also almost sure to win it.” (07/02/24)