Jill Biden, you must convince your husband to step aside

Source: The Hill
by Bill Press

“Dear First Lady Biden: We, the American people desperately need you. We need you to save this country from the prospect of four more years of Donald Trump. We need you now. … Many of us agree with you that Joe Biden is, in fact, mentally and physically capable of serving for another four years. And that it’s unfair to judge his entire career by one bad night on the stage. But, still, that’s the assurance the American people were looking for the night of the debate. That’s the vote of confidence they needed to get enthusiastically behind a second Biden term. And surely even you must recognize they didn’t get it. … We must not risk letting Donald Trump get anywhere near the Oval Office again. Until last week, we knew we could count on Joe Biden to prevent that disaster. That’s no longer the case.” (07/02/24)